“I have recently completed a process that involved a refinance in London in order to buy a house in Venice Beach. Put simply, I could not have done it without the exemplary and tireless work of DREB. DREB coordinated the remortgage in the UK, guided the conveyancing and did so in the fastest and smoothest way possible. DREB was also an impressive operator when it came to the purchase in Venice Beach. The property was hotly contested by multiple other buyers and we won the bid even though we were not the highest offer. This was all down to DREB's professional relationships and experience on the ground here in LA. He also behaved like a true friend throughout the process, especially when there were difficulties at hand. His dedication to the job is total. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” 

—DAN, venice beach

“For the first timer, buying a house is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. It’s intimidating and complex. DREB knows that and breaks it down simply and how you need it. Where to start looking based on taste and budget. What financing is and where to get it, what is the offer and negotiation process. What do all the documents mean and what info is critical. Where do you find experts to help with inspections and needed repairs? Who and what info can you trust? And the process is first person and bespoke - DREB takes time to support you either face to face or instantly via phone or text. And always with charm and wit. He even helped our legacy landlord find the new tenants. True end to end, quality service. We give DREB an eleven.”

—Anne & Matt, Santa Monica

“I needed to relocate from New York to Los Angeles with very little time in an extremely competitive market. I met with a number of agents. They were all top agents in Los Angeles, specifically on the west side but what stood out with DREB is the promise to deliver better options and manage any inspections for me since I was not in market. 

The first weekend we toured homes, we checked a number of neighborhoods. Once we established where we wanted to live, DREB went way above and beyond, ultimately finding a home that hadn’t been listed yet. It was a smooth transaction. DREB worked so much harder and smarter than the competition, there was no comparison.  

I would strongly recommend DREB especially if you want someone that will go above and beyond to get the best home possible.”


“DREB advised me through my 1031 exchange and found an investment property near the USC campus. Their experience and personality meant that trust was established on day one.

I felt in the know the entire time and DREB went above and beyond helping me secure financing and even supported with the improvements on the building. I will be partnering with them again on my next deal and highly recommend them. 

For further details feel free to connect with me.”